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The company

  • DEK Research & Management Specialists cc. (DEKRMs) is a social and market research management services company.
  • We provide suitable research and management tools to different government departments and business entities in South Africa and beyond.

Our Philosophy;

  • Is that;
    • Knowledge and information is the key power of innovation. 
    • Through determination, commitment and passion we can achieve client’s objectives and more.
  • Business success and sustainability are both dependant on achieving customer needs and satisfaction.
  • We put forth all efforts towards economic development and technological advancement globally

Why research? 

  • Through research 

    • We acquire new information by gathering feelings and thoughts that build perceptions, to ultimately understand causal factors of certain behaviors and needs.

    • We uncover underlying factors that give better understanding of a subject in order to implement relevant solutions.

    • We challenge the norm in an environment and enhance lives.


“We will be honored to serve you and build a mutually beneficial business relationship.”